Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Five years into it, and still getting surprised

I have to tell you about this strange thing that has been happening lately: when I start the car, the radio is tuned to California Public Radio (KPBS to be specific).  Why is this odd? After all, I am still a contributing member of Minnesota Public Radio, though I haven't lived there since 2008.  Why wouldn't my car radio be tuned to the local public radio station?

Because I don't drive the car.  Zac does.  

I know!  I was as shocked as you are.  The first time or two I thought it was a fluke, thinking that perhaps Zac tuned the car radio to that station for my benefit when he knew that I'd be the next one to drive it.  Finally on the third time it happened I asked him.  "Hey, have you been listening to public radio?"

Z- "Yes."
Z- "Yes."
K-"Why?"  (This was not an entirely odd question for me to ask.  Those of you that know my husband know that his answer was a bit surprising.)
Z- "Because.  It's calming on the drive home."
K- "Oh, so it's the soothing voices of the announcers that you like, during the stress of rush hour."
Z- "Yeah, that's part of it."
K- "Part of it? Do you actually listen to the stories?" (astounded)
Z- "Sometimes."
K- "Really?" (floored)
Z- "Yes." (a little exasperated now) "It can be pretty interesting sometimes."

A smile started to creep across my face. I could tell that Zac was starting to sense my giddiness at the idea of him having a "driveway moment" and I felt him start to get a little defensive.  Instead of pursuing my curiosity and putting him even more on the hot seat (Why had he started to listen these last few weeks? How did he find the station, as it isn't programmed into the radio? Which is his favorite All Things Considered host? Did he want to borrow my Nina Tote-n-bag?) I decided to not press my luck.  

K- "Well, now that you have some familiarity with public radio, remind me to show you that Schweddy Balls skit from Saturday Night Live sometime.  I think that might be right up your alley." 

So, yeah.  It turns out my husband listens to public radio sometimes.  That man never ceases to surprise me.