Sunday, May 15, 2011

One of the reasons I don't like basketball . . .

. . . is the constant noise from the PA system. One of the things I enjoy about baseball, hockey and football is that once the play starts, the PA system is silenced. Yes, they play the same crud in between plays for those sports but I don't need a blend of techno/70s/hip-hop hits pumped through speakers to let me know that I should be excited or interested during the actual game. I'm pretty sure basketball fans can come up with a "De-fense" chant or cheer at appropriate times when left to their own devices. And heaven knows there are plenty of game stoppages during a basketball game to let the PA gods squeeze in their Harry Belafonte and Black Eyed Peas. During the last two minutes alone you average about 47 stoppages.

If the game is interesting enough, there shouldn't have to be a continuous soundtrack to it. Basketball is painful enough to watch - the music makes it that much more grating.

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