Saturday, December 12, 2009

Ok, ok. I'm slacking.

I've had a couple of people inform me that I haven't posted in awhile. Your protests are answered! Sometimes I forget there are people out there in the world that actually take a few minutes out of their day to read these entries. . .

I've been busy lately. Not with any one, major, thing, but with an assortment of medium-sized things that seem to eat up my days. Some of them are so mundane that I can't even recall what they are. Some are more notable. I started a new assignment at work which means I am back on the up-slope of the learning curve. The new project is loosely related to the previous project so it's not a total jar to the system. As I go through sets of rules of civil procedure for (at least) the second time I am again reminded that the world would be a much better place if I was in charge. (At the very least if I was in charge of the rules of civil procedure. I would be willing to expand my sphere of influence as I go.) Honestly, I'm just happy to be working and earning a paycheck. I don't take employment for granted, especially since the company I contract with has eliminated a number of jobs at least twice in the last 12 months.

Christmas season is upon us. Zac and I are heading to the mainland next week - California for a spell and then I continue on to Minnesota while Zac returns to Oahu. This meant I had to complete our Christmas shopping by this weekend: 1.) to ensure everything gets in the mail in time, and, 2.) to ensure we can enjoy our time off instead of running around in a unknown city trying to finish up. Zac and I put up a tree for the first time this year. We took out all of our ornaments and hung them up. I was a bit of a sentimental fool, but even Zac enjoyed telling me about his ornaments - who they came from, how old he was when he made them, how his family decorated the tree. Fact about me: Christmas lights make me obnoxiously happy. I love them. And while they are the prettiest when they adorn houses covered in show, they still look lovely on houses with palm trees in the front yard.

We've had a lot of guests over lately. Wait a sec. Have I even blogged about Thanksgiving? [rummaging through past posts] Oh dear. I haven't even talked about Thanksgiving. I guess you readers were right to get on my case about not posting . . .

Abbreviated version of Thanksgiving: We hosted. We roasted the turkey. It was delicious. No "I Love Lucy"-style mishaps in the kitchen. My first attempt at a pecan pie was successful. The guests brought yummy things to share. Boccie playing, darts throwing, cocktail drinking, enjoyable evening followed.

Last weekend a group of us went to go see "Irving Berlin's White Christmas" at a local theater. Zac is slowly starting to warm up to my love of musicals. We watched the movie version of "White Christmas" a couple weeks ago. Yes, I still want to be Rosemary Clooney when I grow up. I noticed that in a couple of months the same theater will be performing "Guys and Dolls" so some time in January I'm going to have to convince Zac to watch that one with me. Zac might not be all about the drama/comedy and the costuming and Technicolor, but he does appreciate people who can sing and dance. I appreciate that he appreciates people who can sing and dance.

Last night was ATG's Christmas party. I was a good time. Most of the people from Zac's office were sitting at one table which left Zac and I and another couple sitting at the table next to them. It just so happens that where the Captain and his wife, plus the XO and his wife, were sitting. I've met the Captain and his wife a couple of times and they've always been very pleasant to me. Of course much of the officer/enlisted dynamic is foreign to me so I still regard the Captain as Zac's boss more that the supreme overlord who needs to be feared. I hope people don't think we were trying to kiss up to the Captain by sitting at his table - honestly that's just how it turned out. My purse was on that table and I had no idea whose red purse was on the opposite side of it (Captain's wife's). Upside to the seating arrangement? Captain's table got to line up at the buffet first. Any awkwardness evaporated when I got to start loading my plate with food. Yeah, I'm easily mollified by food.

So the remainder of today will be watching the Texas/Nebraska volleyball match and then Hawaii/Michigan. (We're women's college volleyball fans around here.) Minnesota has already advanced to the Final Four. If Nebraska wins against Texas they will be playing Minnesota. Things could get tense around our household if that happens. Despite that, I'm rooting for the Huskers tonight. Now if they win? Sorry Zac. Go Gophers!

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Teebore said...

He'll like Guys and Dolls. Just tell him it has gangsters and gambling as well as singing and dancing.