Friday, October 19, 2007

Warning: TMI potential

On Sunday or Monday I thought I got a bug bite. It itched like crazy, but I ignored it, heeding the advice that you shouldn't scratch something because it could get infected. The next day, it looked more like a rash. Itching continues. Next day - it spread. Um . . . . Ew! Then on Thursday I woke up in PAIN - the "rash" hurt. Rashs don't "hurt". It was like I had a huge, deep bruise there. Okay, time to call the doctor. (Thank you Kelly Law Registry for providing health insurance to its contractors.)

My appointment was this morning. Verdict? Shingles.

So I'm now pumping myself full of anti-viral medication. Gotta let it run its course. Too weird. The doctor said a few things:
  1. It's a little odd that I'm only 30 and got it, however,
  2. That works in my favor because I'm less likely to have any sort of complications or long-term effects from it.
  3. No one is particularly sure what causes it to "wake up" so there's no way to really know what caused it in me.
  4. It's possible I won't ever have it again, like chicken pox, because I'm having it now.
  5. But that's not 100%.
  6. I have to take horse pills five times a day for ten days. The pharmacist said, "You're going to feel like all you do is take pills." Five times a day? I would think so.

Anyhow, besides the occasionally intense pain and irritating itching, it's no big deal. At least it's something treatable. The body is a strange thing.

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HB said...

well, from everything I read the word "stress" is repeated often so I decided to blame the dress shop of your out break. Now can you sue for pain and suffering?