Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Sharing some amusement

With apologies to everyone else, Austin, this one's primarily for you.


Those of you who know about my love of baseball might also know of my love of Bill Simmons, a writer for ESPN.com's Page 2. (He also wrote the hysterical "Now I Can Die In Peace" about being a Red Sox fan. One of the few books I actually bought in hardcover because I refused to wait until it was in paperback.) He's one of the few writers that can get me to gut-laugh out loud as I sit in my cube at work. Occasionally he posts snipits from e-mails that he gets from readers that share his sense of humor which are often just as funny as what he writes.

With that said, this is a quote from one of his e-mailers regarding the JD Drew grand slam last week that helped the Red Sox advance to the World Series:

"Jim in State College, Pa.: Bill, when Drew hit that grand slam in the first inning, I felt just like I did when I saw "Return of the Jedi" for the first time. After hating Darth Vader for nearly nine hours of the original Star Wars trilogy, he does that one great thing at the end and saves Luke Skywalker's life. We forgot all about how he killed scores of people, including the whole planet of Alderaan."

I was almost weeping. If you want to read the rest of the article:


By the way, what's more indicative of being a slacker at work? Being at work reading a sports blog online, or being at work and composing my own blog about the sports blog? I think I've reached a new level of unproductivity.

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Teebore said...

See, the Star Wars comparison is funny because I would argue that watching the Red Sox for the last four seasons is a bit like watching the Star Wars prequels.

It starts off and the Red Sox are this cute little kid, scrappy and tough and little bit annoying. The 04 World Series is like the end of Episode I: against all odds, the plucky kid destroyed the soul-less droid armies of the monopolistic Trade Federation, just like the 04 Red Sox, against all odds, destroyed the evil, soul-less droid army of the monopolistic Yankees. And just like the movie, when that damn kid came wha-hooing out of the exploding ship, when the 04 Sox won it all we cheered while at the same time, rolled our eyes and muttered, wary of what the future may bring.

Then, by the end of Episode III, that cute kid has grown up, got drunk with power, and slaughtered innocent, helpless children, becoming the Evil Empire instead of just defeating it.

Just like the Red Sox in the World Series this year.

Can you tell I'm sick of the Red Sox specifically, and most Boston sports generally?