Friday, September 14, 2007

He's en route to OKC

Zac's currently in the air over the Gulf of Mexico, about 35 minutes away from landing in Houston. Then he heads to OKC. I know that he's still more than 800 miles away, but it's nice to think that he's at least a little bit closer. Part of me is half-tempted to hop on a last minute flight to OKC this weekend to go see him, but I guess I can wait the six days until I see him. But he's so close . . .

So here's my first attempt at posting a photo in my blog:

I got some photos from Zac this morning before he left El Sal. It was weird because I haven't seen him in more than two months. I've talked to him on the phone almost everyday, but I haven't laid eyes on him in what seems like forever. At least he looks happy and healthy. I can't wait until he's actually standing in front of me so I can hug him. I hope I don't accidentally squeeze the living breath out of him in my excitement.

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HB said...

I am so excited for you!