Thursday, September 18, 2008

Lodge, Sweet Lodge

I don't think I'm going to cross stitch a sampler to put on the wall here saying "Bless this Navy Lodge Room Serving As Our Home" any time soon, but I have grown accustomed to my temporary living situation. Really, the Navy Lodge is a decent place to live. The grounds are tended to, lots of flowers about. There's a pool. Coffee is made in the mornings and available in the lobby for free, if on the off chance you broke your room's coffee pot while doing the dishes the other day and haven't got a replacement carafe from housekeeping yet.

The rooms have a
kitchenette with basic kitchen stuff. A mini-fridge. In the lobby there is a uber-mini-NEX to get stuff like food, decks of cards, toiletries, sunblock, etc. so you don't need to stray too far. There's are some beautiful sitting areas in the hotel and lots of interesting places to walk on the island. I can walk to the USS Utah memorial in about five minutes. The staff has been very nice, and over all, it's a very calm, serene place to be. In case people were wondering where we're staying, here are some photos to show off our temporary residence:

This is the front of the Navy Lodge.

This is the lobby. No one uses it to lounge in, but it is still lovely.

Here's the lanai, or patio.

The pool. I like the pool. It's nice to sit by at 9:00am. It's too dang hot otherwise. I'm going to end up looking like a piece of weather-beaten leather if I go out there any later than 10:00.

Here's our room. We essentially have two rooms and bathroom. This is the room off to the left when you walk in.

The same room, but taken from the opposite corner.

The hallway to the bedroom, containing our kitchenette. This is where Toivo chooses to lay most of the day. It's a tile floor making it cooler for him. You can see the bedroom at the end of the hall.

Our bedroom. We have converted one of the beds into a holding area for a massive pile of clothing.

So there's our hotel life. Maybe tomorrow I'll post a few photos of flora and fauna around the hotel. Really, the trees, flowers, shrubs, and birds are quite lovely.

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