Sunday, January 18, 2009

Anniversary No. 1

On this day, one year ago, Zac and I got married in MN in -15 degree temps. Today we're celebrating in HI in 82 degree temps. It's been a long, strange journey. See any previous posts at your leisure.

We went out to Hideaway's last night to have a few drinks with some ATG friends. (ATG is where Zac works.) I'm pretty sure I'm going to have my Minnesota Card revoked by admitting this, but I was actually a little chilly last night. It was about 65 out, and all of us were a little surprised by the low temp. We ended up playing volleyball for a good chunk of the evening, just to warm up a little. I like playing volleyball, but I do it so infrequently that my arms sting and hurt the next day, detracting from the fun. I rolled over a couple of times last night, and the throbbing pain in my forearms woke me up each time.

Today was a day of lounging. We watched both football games and then went downtown for supper. Zac wanted to go to a Mexican restaurant that he liked from the last time we were here. We Googled the location and headed in to Honolulu. Unfortunately, when we got there, we found nothing but a boarded up old restaurant that apparently hadn't been open for awhile. Zac was a little disappointed but it's not like Honolulu is hurting for places to eat. We ate at restaurant overlooking Honolulu Harbor and were pleased with how the meal/evening turned out.

Now we're home for the night. Another low 60s evening. All the windows are open, and I'm comfy in a sweatshirt and jeans. The cul-de-sac is humming with activity since tomorrow is a holiday. (Well, at least for some people.) There are a couple of fire pits going in people's driveways and kids are out scooting around the street on skateboards and bikes. The adults all seem to be enjoying a beverage of choice. There are a fair number of wives on our block that have husbands in the Army who are deployed right now. Iraq, Afghanistan. They all seem to be pretty tight, and they're all out giggling over the neighboring fire pit. Husbands and kids seem to be the topics of choice. (Not that I'm listening in.) It's almost like a block party out there. I suppose I could go out and socialize, but I'm full from supper plus I'm tired and anti-social at the moment.

Instead I think I'll cuddle up with my honey on the couch and watch mindless tv for awhile. After all, a fun day of hiking awaits us tomorrow . . .

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Teebore said...

Happy Anniversary!

Also, be careful...we'll snatch that MN card back at a moment's notice if you're not careful :)