Sunday, June 29, 2008

Ballack is HOT

It's been a nice weekend. Got a lot of errands accomplished, a lot of things around the house done. Went for a 4 mile walk on Saturday. I didn't take Toivo with because, well, he's a terrible walker. I want to walk. Momentum - forward. Stopping - none. Toivo likes to stop and smell the roses. Or pee on them, more likely. And he wants to greet every dog and doesn't understand that we are to moving forward at all times. He also is kind of a wimp. At about the 30 minute mark of any walk he starts to drag a little. If I took him on an hour-long walk, I'd have to carry him home. I suppose I could "train" with him to build up his endurance but I don't have the patience or the desire. When I'm out there walking, I like to be by myself. Lip syncing to my music. Occasionally jogging, mostly walking, and enjoying the sights.

Watched the Euro Cup final today. Wasn't sure who to root for. I didn't think Germany played well enough to make it to the finals, so I was conflicted about rooting for them despite the fact that it's the European team that I have the most history with. (Been causally following them since 1996.) I was excited at the prospect of Spain winning it all, over the legend that is German football. So I watched the game with a desire for a good game with lots of drama. And I got it. I was riveted for the whole 90+ minutes. And I decided that the object of my affection (er, lust) was #13, Michael Ballack on the German side. Hello! I love soccer players. As physical specimens, anyhow. I could go on and on about what turns me on about them, but I think I should try to keep the postings fairly family friendly. Did it just get warmer in here? Anyhow, congrats Spain! Well played.

I'm going over to Megan and Paul's house for supper. Grilling steaks. Yum. Tomorrow I get to meet up with Heather to catch up. I had to reschedule with her from last week. We'll have to celebrate her school success and toast my departure.

Finished packing today. Yes, I know I don't leave for three days, but I wanted to make sure that I had everything washed and ready that I wanted to take with. I managed to get it all in a carry-on, so I'm happy. We'll have to see if the TSA confiscates my crochet hook. The website is a little ambiguous as to whether they'll let me through. It's something to the effect of, "They should let you through, but they might not, so don't be surprised if you are left with yarn and no hook." Gee. Thanks. Helpful.

I have to order my wedding photos. At this point there's no guarantee that they're going to be done by the time I leave. Typical procrastination on my part. In my next life I'm going to be born into wealth and privilege and I'll have people do stuff like this for me so I can spend my time attending museum openings and polo matches.

A two-day work-week lays before me. I can handle that. Trying to catch the Light Rail at 3:50am on Wednesday? That might be tougher.

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